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JOIN US ON A TRIP! Join Us on a Trip! “I have gotten so much out of my involvement with Corazon de Vida, and the trips to the orphanages in Baja, Mexico. It’s truly amazing what a difference a smile and a hug can make in the lives of these children. I feel blessed to have been able to see that, and to give back in this way.” Sara R.
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BECOME A CHILD SPONSOR TODAY! Become a Child Sponsor This is Jocelyn, “For at least a year she refused to say goodbye. She would turn her back on me and ignore me as I said goodbye to her. Now she hugs me as I leave and tells me I will see you soon.” Laura S.
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ORPHANAGE TRIPS Corazon de Vida invites you to join us on an Orphanage Trip to visit the children. Be part of an extraordinary day where you and 50 volunteers board a bus and travel to a Baja Orphanage to bring food, fun, love and cheer to the kids!
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